Project Examples

Summary:  A variety of interventions designed to improve performance through:  targeted team improvement, introduction or update of performance management processes, merger integrations, leadership development, alignment around goals & expectations, introduction or realignment of team-based approaches. 


°  During a merger that was progressing unsuccessfully, designed and facilitated an intervention which brought purchasing company and target company into better alignment around expectations, goals and communication

°  Facilitated and coached executive team during significant business downturn and change in strategy

°  Performed leadership assessements for potential, coaching and development plans for top two layers of leadership for recently merged organizations

°  Post-SAP implementation, consulted with global firm on 18-month project to make process changes to supply chain and enhance margins, capitalize on distribution and fulfillment strategies in U.S. and Europe

°  Provided communication, message design and delivery approaches during merger that exceeded objectives that were set out at the start of the project

°  Modernized an organization's change management model, rolled out subsequent training to leadership, generated a 120-page "how-to" manual for internal change agents and certified them in the new model

°  Consulted with steel manufacturer to change the direction of teams to be more business, bottom-line focused over a nine month period

°  Designed a competency-based performance management system, trained leadership personnel responsible for performance feedback 


In addition to the above, Terry has consulted internationally in a variety of industries, in both public and private organizations.  She has designed and implemented a variety of training and development interventions, both short and long-term, including Performance Management, Change Management and Leadership Skills.