Training Available

Programs can be customized based on your organization's unique need.  Length and topic inclusion can also be customized.  

All are designed with:

•  Clearly stated behavioral learning objectives and expectations

•  Industry / Position appropriate examples, illustrations and exercises

•  Current concepts and applications

•  Energy, fun and applicability

Below are some examples, but it is not an all-inclusive list.  If you have a unique need that you do not see listed, contact Terry for customized development.


Skills for Leadership

°  The Art of Delegation

°  Basic Supervision for the Newly Promoted Supervisor

°  Coaching for Performance

°  Leading Teams

°  Managing and Implementing Change

°  Performance Management

°  Providing Feedback

°  Communication:  Delivering Tough Messages

Skills for Individual Contributor Effectiveness

°  Discovering Differences:  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

°  Effective Listening

°  Expand Your Impact:  Influencing Others

°  Present with Impact:  Presentation Skills

°  Facilitating Adult Learning:  Train-the-Trainer

°  Innovative Thinking

°  Managing Disagreements

°  Thriving in Change

°  Implementing Change for Change Agents

Skills for the Continuous Improvement Organization

Terry has designed and delivered customized programs that introduce and teach team-based and continuous improvement skills using a case-study approach that is customized to your industry.  This maximizes applicability and usefulness.  As a result, participants are able to immediately apply what they learn back in their teams.  Some examples:

°  "Beshore, Inc" - A Case Study in Problem Solving

°  "Luck-e-Leaf Manufacturing" - A Process Redesign Simulation

°  "Mucho Metals" - Digging up Root Causes

°  "The Dawg Company" - Quality and Process Improvement Tools

°  "Sir Squat-a-lot" - A Case Study in Problem Solving and Improvement Tools

In addition to the case study approach...

°  Flawless Facilitation

°  Working in Teams

How to

"Make Training Stick"  

when everything is against learning and applying new skills.